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ATTENTION:  Classes in Practical Craftwork are now taught on an individual basis.  Each student will be interviewed to assess their knowledge level and direction, and a tailored curriculum will be deigned based on their unique perspectives.  A course consists of six class sessions offered on either Wednesdays or Thursdays at 5pm.  The cost is $200.  Please contact the shop for details.

Beginner and Intermediate Craftwork:
These individual sessions offer a one-on-one teaching approach to learning The Craft.  Each student is interviewed to determine their level of knowledge, and a curriculum tailored to their individual goals.  Some of the topics discussed are: Pagan Spirituality, Paths of The Craft, Ritual components and design, Spellworking, ethics, divination, among many other subjects.  Students will emerge with their own sense of who they are and their unique approach to their path, as well as a better overall understanding of the many variations of Practical Craftwork. 

Must have completed Begginer and Intermediate Craftwork.  Curriculum will be uniquely tailored to the individual student.  Please call the shop for more details.

Offered several times a year.  Due to popular demand, Melissa will be offering a full 9-hour crystal course!  The course will be broken up into three 3-hour sessions on Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm at the shop.  The first 3 hours will focus on theory, introducing the student to gemstone and mineral identification and application.  The second three hours is purely experiential, and will focus on the foundation of Crystal Magick - learning how to FEEL the stones, and how stones will fluctuate in resonance.  The third session will feature a visit from our Resident Mineralogist, John, and expose the student to both rare and common stones to experience.  John will also have items for sale.   WINTER 2017 CLASS TBA.

Ongoing Monthly Events

Astrology Readings: 
Our Resident Astrologist Patricia Starteller, gives readings one Saturday per month.  She offers a variety of different types of Astrology readings, and is fabulous!  Become a "Fan" of The Magickal Attic on Facebook for updates on her monthly schedule.

NEW NEW NEW!!!!  OIL CONSULTATIONS AND AROMATOUCH THERAPY:  Our new Resdient Oil Expert, Jill DoRego, will offer customized oil consultations for spellwork and health benefits, as well as therapeutic sessions using all natural essential oils, beginning in June.  Check back for her bio!  Become a "Fan" of The Magickal Attic on Facebook for updates on her monthly schedule.