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Animal Communication Sessions - Our owner, Melissa Kepley, D.Div, C.HT, holds a Bachelors of Arts in Comparative Psychology (the study of animal learning and memory models in human behavioral applications), and has an extensive background as an Animal Care Professional.  She has worked as a veterinary nurse, groomer, and trainer for over twenty years, and  jokingly admits that her abilities with animals is her only natural talent!  Melissa blends her psychic gifts with her formal behavioral background to help human companions better understand their animal friend's behaviors and motivations.  Most sessions are done at The Magickal Attic, (unless there is a need for observation of behavioral presentations better studied in the home space), and she works with most animal species.  Please call 757-838-3450 for more information, or to set an appointment.

- Melissa holds a Doctorate of Divinity (D.Div.) in Esoteric Christianity, and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister licensed in the state of Virginia, personally following a Pagan path.  She uses an intuitive channeling method blended with Oracle Cards to help clients with life issues.  Appointments available Tuesday-Friday at 5pm, and some Saturdays at 5pm.  She also does private parties!  Please call 757-838-3450 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Past-life Regressions:  Melissa is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and although she no longer accepts clinical hypnotherapy clients, she decided to continue to offer the past-life regression sessions.  Each session is 3 hours long, broken up into 2 separate appointments, and can be helpful in pinpointing the etiology of fears and phobias, or certain behavioral patters or perceptions.  Please call 757-838-3450 for more information.

THE ATTIC GROUP - We are a paranormal consultation group available at the request of paranormal investigative teams for spiritual and occult consultations, home clearings and blessings, and general spiritual matters involving the paranormal.  We are called in after a paranormal group has completed their location investigation, and a client wishes to pursue matters from a spiritual perspective. The Attic Group's founder is an Ordained Interfaith Minister licensed in the state of Virginia, with over 10 years experience in the paranormal.  If you are a paranormal team leader or member, and wish consultation on a case, please feel free to call The Magickal Attic at 757-838-3450 for more details.  There is no fee for the cleansing when the referring team has directly investigated the location.  There is a fee if the teams passes on the case, and refers the client directly to The Attic Group.

Resident Astrologer: Our Resident Astrologer visits monthly for appointments and walk-ins, and is available for consult in between visits.  Please call the shop for more details.

Resident Master Herbalist: Our Resident Master Herbalist is available for email consultations.  Please call the shop for details.

Resident Rootworker:  Our Resident Rootworker visits monthly to every other month for consultations.  Please call the shop for details.