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The Magickal Attic LLC was born from the belief and nagging (we say that affectionately!) of our friends and family that a Witch Shop could fly (get it?) on the Peninsula.  Well, so far it's a big hit!

The Magickal Attic LLC began in 2007 as Transformations Hypnosis and Healing LLC, primarily a service-based business.  Our Hypnotherapist, Melissa Kepley D.Div, C.Ht., only offered a few crystals and jewelry pieces for sale to her clients.  But, after attending several gem and mineral shows with friends, they began asking her why she didn't do the retail full-time, with her passion and knowledge of crystals and jewelry.  Melissa mulled it over, but really decided to take the plunge after visiting Salem, MA. several times in 2009.  She immediately saw the big difference between the quaint little shops in Salem compared to the few shops she'd visited in Hampton Roads.  She thought the shop would fit right in to the Hilton Village area of Newport News, and so The Magickal Attic was born!

We really believe we've created the vibe of those beautiful little shops Melissa so adores in her home-away-from-home, Salem, right here on the Peninsula.  The rich, dark colors and textures, blended with a New England-type touch truly offer a different shopping experience.  We carry a large variety of crystals and minerals, Craft Tools and supplies, and unique one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry pieces, as well as standard pentacles and gemstone jewelry.  We've also included a corner for the co-owners of the store, Melissa's Shih-tzus, Angie (passed in 2011), Miyagi, and Pixie (RIP ANGELINA).  In their corner, we offer dog and cat therapeutic stone pendants, Animal Totem pieces and Oracle decks.  And, of course, the store is animal companion friendly!

We offer services, as well.  Melissa welcomes appointments for animal communication sessions, readings, and past-life regression sessions.  If you're interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 757-838-3450 for more information.  

Owner and Proprietor Melissa Kepley, D.Div. C.Ht, holds a B.A in Comparative Psychology from The College of William and Mary, and a Doctorate of Divinity in Esoteric Christianity. She is an Ordained Interfaith minister licensed in the state of Virginia.  And, yes, she is a practicing Witch! She is also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and ran her clinical hypnotherapy private practice, Transformations Hypnosis and Healing Center LLC, through 2009. Prior to returning to school to “focus on people”, she worked in the animal care industry as a veterinary nurse, groomer, trainer, and canine behavioral consultant.  She stills continues her practice of animal behavioral consulting, but with a metaphysical twist as an Animal Communicator. 

She had studied Paganism and The Craft for over 28  years informally, and decided to move towards her formal study under the direction of  High Priestess Laurie Cabot of Salem Massachusetts, and proudly holds the title of Second Degree in the Cabot Kent Hermetic Tradition.  Through her formal study of Behavioral Neuroscience at W&M, she has refined her philosophy, approaching The Craft from a Behavioral Neuroscience perspective.

Melissa is also an occult and paranormal consultant, and has been a Paranormal Investigator for seven years.  She was formerly an Investigator and Animal Cognition Expert with CPRI, The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation.  She now leads her own consulting firm, The Attic Group, a not-for-profit team of investigators and sensitives called in for location cleansings, house blessings, and client counseling for the paranormal.

It was through her stay in Salem that she became aware of the different outlook of the Pagan community in her home town of Newport News as compared to Salem. It is this difference that makes the Magickal Attic LLC stand on its own as a supplier for those interested in practicing the Magick of Witchcraft. Our prime focus is retail, but we do offer readings, past life regression, and animal communication by appointment.  Private Mentorship in Practical Craftwork, Psychic Development, and introductory Biofield Energy modalities are available through the shop.  Students must be interviewed and qualified for instruction.

Many Thanks, and Blessed Be!